Mikhail Kosmynin: ‘Doing Good by Playing Well with Others: Insights into Collaborative Practices between Social Entrepreneurial Ventures and the Public Sector in the Norwegian Context’

Mikhail is a first-year PhD fellow under Leadership and Innovation research group at Nord University, Norway and a member of NORSI – Norwegian Research School in Innovation. In his research project, Mikhail focuses on the collaborative practices between social entrepreneurial ventures and municipalities in the Norwegian context by drawing upon multiple theoretical lenses: entrepreneurship as practice, embeddedness, institutional logics. His PhD thesis seeks to contribute to the growing body of social entrepreneurship literature by yielding a better understanding of the collaborative dynamic in social entrepreneurship. Mikhail holds MSc in Social Science and BSc from Nord University in Norway and was a visiting graduate student at the University of Northern British Columbia in Canada as a mandatory part of the master program. Additionally, Mikhail gained practical experience working in internationalisation, higher education, the tourism and sports industry in Norway and Russia.

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