Amin is from Iran, he obtained a bachelor degree in architecture before joining Audencia’s International Master in Management. He started working since the age of sixteen to gain more knowlede and experience. He is an ambitious person who does believe that excellence and success find their way through discipline, commitment and hard work.

Amin was the winner of Audencia Classgift competition in 2019 for his project Pontpol. Pontpol Bio: Pontpol is a platform which connects the international habitants in France with French citizens for those who aspires to become a native French speaker and discovering the French culture with affordable prices. You do not need to pay for expensive French classes anymore as you can enjoy learning from locals for becoming one of them. On the other hand, we are creating an opportunity for French people to earn some money by teaching French and communicating with foreigners to showcase the French culture at the same time discovering new cultures with the International people.

Podcast recorded by Mounia EL WAFI

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