Wenderson De Lima – Legitimacy Building and Entrepreneurial Consecration: Understanding How Social Entrepreneurs Interact with Local Actors in the Kenyan Urban Informal Settlement, Kibera

Wenderson de Lima is a fourth year doctoral researcher at the management section at the Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University.  In his dissertation, Wenderson focuses on understanding how individuals enter and gain legitimacy as “social entrepreneurs” in the international humanitarian field. To gain such understanding, Wenderson draws primarily upon the theoretical lenses of Pierre Bourdieu and Marcel Mauss. His research seeks to contribute to the body of entrepreneurship literature by creating a greater understanding of what kind of practices and resources individuals put in place in order to create organizations in the humanitarian field: a fluid discursive and institutional space exploited and shaped by actors (e.g. scholars, aid practitioners, consultants, local leaders, wealthy entrepreneurs, the media, social entrepreneurs and philanthropists) competing for legitimacy and control over universal conceptions of humanity, compassion and care for distant others. Wenderson holds a master’s degree in economics and management from the Stockholm Business School. Before joining the management research team at the Stockholm Business School, Wenderson gained work experience in international trade, corporate social responsibility and EU law.

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