Alfredo De Massis is Professor of Entrepreneurship & Family Business and Director of the Centre for Family Business Management at the Free University of Bolzano where he is also the Leader of the Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Management Cluster (Dept.). He co-directs family business research projects at Lancaster University Management School, UK. In 2015, Family Capital ranked him among the world’s top 25 star professors for family business. He serves as Associate Editor of Family Business Review and on the Editorial Boards of Entrepreneurship Theory & PracticeStrategic Entrepreneurship Journal and Journal of Family Business Strategy. His research has been published widely in leading academic and professional journals including AMJ,JBV,JMS,ETPJPIMAMPFBRGSJ,JBE,CMR.


She is a Professor of Business Ethics and in her research she works on a wide range of topics related to business ethics and critical corporate social responsibility. She doesn’t feel constrained by organisational type or theoretical perspective, and is driven by exploring what she feel is important and interesting. She has have a long standing interest in Small Business Social Responsibility, and enjoy using a range of social and ethical theory to critique existing assumptions on corporate social responsibility.


“Mattias Nordqvist is Professor in Business Administration and The Hamrin International Professor of Family Business and Director of CeFEO at JIBS. He has previously served as Associate Dean at JIBS. Mattias is a former Co-Director of the Global STEP Project and Visiting Scholar at Babson College, USA, University of Alberta, Canada and Bocconi University, Italy. He has served on the board of the International Family Enterprise Research Academy — IFERA — and is currently on the scientific committee of the Center for Young and Family Enterprise (Cyfe) at the University of Bergamo, Italy. He has been selected as a Family Owned Business Institute Scholar twice; 2007-2008 and 2011-2012 by the Seidman College of Business, Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids in the USA, and has won the Family Firm Institute (FFI) Award for Best Unpublished Research Paper twice; 2005 and 2011. Mattias is also a recipient of the Young Entrepreneurship Researcher Award 2006 from the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

Mattias the founding associate editor of the Journal of Family Business Strategy, and serves on the editorial board of the Family Business Review, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Management and Governance and Journal of Small Business Management. He is also co-editor of the SAGE Handbook of Family Business (with Leif Melin and Pramodita Sharma) published by SAGE Publications in November 2013.


Mattias received his MSc and PhD from Jönköping International Business School in Sweden. His specific research focus is on family firms, with a particularly focus on entrepreneurial, strategic and governance processes. To learn more about Mattias´ research, please see the section on publications. Mattias has been invited to present his research and to give lectures to various audiences at many universities in Europe, USA, Latin America, Africa and Australia. He publishes widely in the leading international journals and in edited books in both Sweden and abroad. His research is regularly presented at international conferences and workshops, such as the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, IFERA World Conference, EIASM Workshop on Family Firm´s Management and the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference. During his time as Associate Dean, Mattias initiated and built JIBS’ growing program in the area of international development cooperation. The focus lies on capacity building in higher education in African countries, mainly through Master and PhD training in Business Administration and Economics in collaboration with the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida)


Mattias teaches strategic management and family business at undergraduate, master and doctoral levels.”


Dr. Allan Discua Cruz is a Lecturer in the areas of entrepreneurship and family business

  • Current Research
Portfolio entrepreneurship, family business groups, entrepreneurial teams, families in business, sustainability practices.
  • Current Teaching
Entrepreneurship and Family Business modules at the undergraduate and graduate level
  • Professional Role
Equal Opportunities/Disabilities representative, UG deputy director, EIR Director, Communication and SMO coordinator
  • Qualifications
BscEng (UNITEC, Honduras), MBA (UNH, USA), MMM (McGill, Canada), PgD (Vaxjo Sweden/UAB Spain), PhD (Lancaster, UK)
  • PhD Supervision Interests
Main topics include artisan entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial teams, habitual and portfolio entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in developing economies, and entrepreneurial families in business.

Ethel Brundin´s research interests lie primarily within micro processes of strategic leadership and entrepreneurship. She is currently involved in a set of projects  with a focus on family businesses and the role of emotions, the role of ownership and the role of family capital . She is part of the European team of the global STEP project (Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practice) with the aim to investigate continuous entrepreneurship in owner-families and family firms (transgenerational entrepreneurship).She also serves as a member of the European Council of STEP. Two other current research projects are “Family capital and entrepreneurial performance across generations in family firms” Financed by Torsten och Ragnar Söderberg Foundation and “Meanings and implications of ownership changes: power, sense-making and communication  in the family owned business”  financed by Handelsbanken.

Ethel has a special interest in the development of entrepreneurship activities in the new democracy of South Africa. In 1999 she was a visiting researcher at Stellenbosch University when she studied entrepreneurship activities among black and colored women. She was the project manager of a joint research project between JIBS and University of the Western Cape in South Africa from 2004 to 2007 called “The dynamics of small business enterprising: Challenges to be met in the business contexts of Sweden and South Africa”and is currently heading a research project regarding Entrepreneurial orientation in owner managed firms and owner controlled family businesses in South Africa, financed by SIDA, Swedish Research Links/ Swedish Research Council.Ethel is primarily interested in research methods with a focus on real-time, interactive as well as experimental research designs.

Ethel publishes on a regular basis in international journals and edited book volumes. She serves as a member on editorial boards and has served as committee member of the world conference on emotions in 2006and 2008 .

“Ethel Brundin is Professor in the Department of Entrepreneurship,Strategy, Organization and Leadership (ESOL)and Center for Family Enterprise and Ownership (CeFEO) at Jönköping International Business School.She is Visiting Professor at the University of the Western Cape.Her thesis “Emotion in Motion: The Strategic Leader in a Radical Change Process” in 2002 was ranked “top ten” (no. 7) in the EDAMBA (European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration) thesis competition for 2002.

Ethel teaches at undergraduate, graduate and executive levels in /strategic/leadership, organizational behavior, and family business related subjects and qualitative methods for doctoral students. She is a Linneaus Palme coordinator forateaching exchangeprogram   between JIBS and University of Johannesburg and University of the Western Cape in South Africa. Ethel is currently the main — or second supervisor forthreedoctoral candidates. She is an invited speaker at universities, conferences, and to companies to talk about her research. She also serves as a member on editorial boards and has served as committee member of the world conference on emotions in 2006and 2008.

Ethel was awarded the Pedagogical Prize by JIBS Student Association in 2007. She was Director of study for the EMM department at JIBS from 2000 to 2005 and member of the University of Jönköping Faculty Board from 2006 to 2008. She has a Master of Social Science (Business Administration) from University of Lund, Sweden. Prior to completing her PhD, she worked as a strategy and OD consultant and human resource manager in Sweden and the UK in businesses started by her.”


“I am Assistant Professor in Business Administration at the Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) in Sweden and member of the Centre for Family Enterprise and Ownership (CeFEO).

In 2011 I have obtain a PhD in Business Administration at the University of Udine (Italy) writing a thesis entitled “Family embeddeness and entrepreneurial entry” having as supervisor Cristiana Compagno (University of Udine) and Mattias Nordqvist (JIBS).

My research interests are related to the entrepreneurial process in three main research areas. First, family dynamics and influence of family members on the actor’s decision of entry and exit into the entrepreneurial process. Second, academic entrepreneurship and factors enabling new venture start-up and technology transfer. Third, firm’s growth paths through collaborative agreements and inter-firms networks. I explore these phenomena adopting a quantitative approach.

My contributions have been published in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (2016; 2018a; 2018b), Long Range Planning (2018), Small Business Economics (2013) and Journal of Small Business Management (2014).

My teaching activities are focused on Entrepreneurship,  Family Business and Research Methods. 

I am Past-Chair of the Family Business Strategic Interest Group at the European Academy of Management (EURAM) conference (2015-2018), and Past-Chair of the International Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA) Conference (2017).

I am guest editor for the following special issues:

  • “Career Issues in Family Business: Understanding Career Ladders and Glass Ceilings” for the Journal of Family Business Strategy (exp. 2019).
  • “Locality and Internationalization of Family Firms” for Entrepreneurship and Regional Development Journal (exp. 2020).
  • “Values, Spirituality And Religion: Family Business And The Roots Of Sustainable Ethical Behavior” for Journal of Business Ethics (exp. 2020).”


Rodrigo Basco has taught in the areas of economics, management and family business in universities in Spain, Chile and Germany. Before joining AUS, Dr. Basco held a post-doctoral position at the Witten Institute for Family Business, University of Witten/Herdecke (Germany). His major research focuses on the field of entrepreneurship, management and regional development with special interest in family firms. The results of his research have been published in international academic journals such as Family Business Review and International Small Business Journal. He edited a special issue on the topic “Family Business and Regional Development” in the Journal of Family Business Strategy.

Adnre Calabrò co-founded the Family Business Research Strategic Interest Group (FBR SIG) at the European Academy of Management (EURAM) and is co-founder and organizer of the International Family Business Research Forum (IFBRF). Since 2014 he serves as Associate Editor of Journal of Family Business Strategy. He has published journal articles on family firms, internationalization, and corporate governance in leading international peer-reviewed journals.